Neighbors:  our front door roof overhang has been repaired along with the roof above the greenhouse window in the “spa room”.  Siding has begun.  Our 7 exterior doors have been ordered – all to code required by Pierce County Health for pool compliance.  This has been a long detailed process as requirements have been upgraded.  We will take a break from siding until the doors are installed and the Interior Committee has the inside flooring installed.  Stay tuned.

If any of you are interested here is a bit of history:  What we call our “clubhouse”  was the real estate office for the Spinnaker Ridge development.  What we call our “Spa Room” was a shelter for real-estate signs and our original hot tub.  It’s intention was to sell lots and I am sure a lifestyle:  rural, pool with hot tub, view, a great affordable  place to retire.  At that time Gig Harbor was very small – not a stop sign or lights, no sidewalks downtown, a fishing community with many retirees.  We believe the Real Estate Office was built about 1984.  There were many delays as well as change of developer ownership.  Our Association was established in 1986.