• Neighbors,

    If you are considering changes to the exterior of your Spinnaker Ridge home or property, please check the Architectural Guidelines. Complete the form below to apply for review of proposed changes. Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form. A confirmation will be sent to you. The Chairperson of the Architectural Committee who will, after conferring with the other members of the committee, determine whether a formal presentation is required. If so, you will be notified before the next AC Meeting so it may be included on that agenda.
  • NOTE:

    1) PLEASE E-MAIL SEPARATELY PICTURES, DRAWINGS, GRAPHICS, ETC. TO >SPINNAKERRIDGECOMMUNITY@GMAIL.COM< 2) Approval of this request does not imply acceptance or endorsement of the engineering or stability of the proposed project. We advise that you check your contractor's credentials. Seek competent design and engineering help. 3) If your project is visible to a neighbor, seek their support. Your neighbor cannot veto projects normally approved by the AC nor can their support result in approval of prohibited projects. The committee will seriously consider your neighbors comments.