About Spinnaker Ridge:

Spinnaker Ridge is a planned community consisting of 58 single residences in Gig Harbor, Washington overlooking Puget Sound.

The Spinnaker Ridge Association is comprised of residents managed by a volunteer Board of Trustees elected by all members of the association. It hIMG_0020_masteredas a proud 33 year history of maintaining our property as a beautiful, friendly and quiet place to live while to the best of our abilities, containing expenses.

Our Board has developed and managed a long range financial plan designed to help us foresee and be prepared for large expenses such as house painting and street maintenance.  Efforts such as this require involvement of homeowners.

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A Short History of Spinnaker Ridge

IMG_0256_masteredSpinnaker Ridge took form as a NuDawn Homes Planned Unit Development (PUD) of 58 individually-owned homes complemented by a clubhouse and swimming pool. Over half of the 16 acres of the development is common open space. Spinnaker Ridge literally began when the plat was recorded in Pierce County on January 31, 1986. John English, a longtime resident, chaired the City of Gig Harbor Planning Commission that gave initial approval to the plan.

The original models were the Angeles (1470 sq ft), the Townsend (1640 sq ft), the Creston (2000 sq ft) and the Olympus (2380 sq ft). Prices ranged from $124,000 to $165,000. Early promotional materials encouraged potential owners that plans could be “easily modified” to meet individual needs.

Very positive reviews of the plans came quickly. “The model home [Townsend] and the development each won a prestigious golden Nugget Award from the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, a 14-state trade group….The top honor seldom leaves the Southwest; to take two top awards here, and in the same plat, is almost unknown” (Seattle Times/ Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 13 July 1986,
p. E-2).

On December 1, 1986, monthly dues of $95 commenced for all homeowners. They covered clubhouse and yards maintenance, home painting and periodic window washing. By April, 1987, 30 homes had been sold, many of them purchased with cash, according to Sales Manager C.V. Johnson (The News Tribune, 5 April 1987, p. 1). The annual build out went as follows: 1986: 37 homes; 1987: 4 homes; 1988: 1 home; 1989: 4 homes; 1990: 12 homes, for a total of 58.

On June 31, 1989 management of Spinnaker Ridge passed from NuDawn Homes to the Spinnaker Ridge Community Association, ending a contentious relationship with NuDawn president, Bud Tynes.


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