Week 2 (- November 4) of Exterior Re-construction:  The crew completed removing siding, replacing insulation, and mounting plywood in preparation for new cement board siding.  We are waiting for a permit from the city to wrap and begin residing.

Dry rot was more present under flooring of spa room.  The foundation supports needed to be treated and replaced.  The west “greenhouse” window in the spa will be replaced by a 3 x 6 foot window for light (this style no longer available), the south facing garage door has dry rot and will be replaced by a 2 x 6 ft window.  We will keep the east facing garage door until the association wishes to address it when funding is available.  Both of these windows leave enough room for storage below.  The crew treated the entire area for termites.

Also next, the roof overhang above the front door will need to be finished off and the roof repaired.

Again, the Association has professional plans for a more elaborate front entry overhang when funds are available in the future. 

On to next week!  Watch this space for updates.

John Farrington